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Move to Athens and enjoy your holidays in mainland Greece and the Greek islands by renting a car from URent a Car.

Book at affordable prices via the internet quickly and easily

The URent a Car has a fleet of vehicles of all kinds, financial, family, luxury, 9 seat mini buses and sport to cover all your needs!

The URent a Car offers high quality, friendly service and responsibility. With twenty years experience in the rental car and a network of associates all over Greece we are able to meet your every need.

Learn about our fleet, choose the car that best suits your needs and do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries.

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Our Offers
185.00 € 7 days

245.00 € 7 days

175.00 € 7 days

Luxury Cars
From 220.00
From 220.00

From 210.00
From 210.00

From 150.00
From 150.00

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